The Road Trip Collection was started by New Orleans native Margo DuBos. Inspired by her travels, Margo knew she wanted to create something truly originaly that would both last forever and stand out in a crowd. That’s when The Road Trip Collection was born. Here’s the story in Margo’s own words.


How did The Road Trip Collection begin? 
“I was inspired by an actual road trip I made out West in the summer of 2020. Being on the open road and not being stuck in quarantine was exactly what I needed at that time. From New Orleans to New Mexico to Colorado to Montana, I  was inspired by the different architectures, styles and cultures — each of which was an original expression of the people I encountered along the way.”

Why denim jackets? 
“Like many people during the pandemic, I sorely missed dressing up and going out. I missed wearing all my favorite clothes — I got so tired of workout wear! Because of Covid-19, I knew no one was getting all dressed up, but I still wanted to get dressed and feel good about it. I thought, ‘What is something that’s comfortable and makes you feel good? Something you can have forever … something inspired by the American spirit of my
travels?’ “That’s when it came to me — a denim jacket! Everyone can wear a denim jacket, virtually any time of year. A denim jacket looks and feels great, always. And just like my travels taught me about the open road, there are so many different ways you can wear and style a denim jacket. It looks good on everyone, and the right jacket goes with everything.” 

How long does it take to complete a jacket? 
“We do all designs one-on-one, in person. That way each jacket truly reflects the person wearing it. Once the design process is completed, it takes just a few weeks. That’s without shipping. If you need a jacket done faster, please let us know when you begin your design consultation. For online buyers who order jackets that are ready to wear (available on our website), delivery is faster.”

Can I send you a denim jacket to design? 
“We prefer our customers buy jackets from us because selecting one of our jackets is such a fun part of the design process! We have an extraordinary selection of jackets — from trucker jackets to a more fitted style. We even have denim dusters that are unique to our brand. Whatever you’re looking for in a customized denim jacket, we have it at The Road Trip Collection!"